Business First Saratoga sets out to assist in solving business problems, to identify challenges to further success, and to thank you, our business owners, for doing business in Saratoga County, New York.

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We want to hear from all kinds of businesses.

We’re especially interested in learning about businesses that are:

  • Encountering barriers to business growth
  • Considering a facility expansion
  • Experiencing infrastructure, utility or security issues
  • Having difficulty navigating local land development and/or regulatory processes
  • Considering acquiring another company, being acquired or merging
  • Having difficulty finding qualified personnel
  • Training incumbent workers with new skills
  • Seeking capital

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What the community is saying

“The Business First Saratoga initiative advances a goal we share at all the local, state, and federal level:  helping small businesses expand and hire locally.  I applaud the efforts of those promoting job creation and economic growth in Saratoga County,  and I look forward to continued partnership and good work as The Saratoga Strategy is implemented.”

Congressman Paul D. Tonko

“The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership’s Business First Saratoga plan is a common sense strategy to bring together the county’s advocates for economic growth with one common goal: retaining and expanding jobs and business in Saratoga County to benefit the taxpayers in our communities.”

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco

“To win in economic development these days, you must first win by helping existing local employers to take advantage of new opportunities or to overcome challenges individually and collectively and that’s what (Business First Saratoga) promises to do.”

Todd Shimkus, President, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

“The southern part of our County will be well served by this initiative. Our business needs are often unique, and we need to fully understand the complex dynamic that makes our area a leading force in Marine, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Transportation, among other important industries.”

Pete Bardunias, President and CEO, Chamber of Southern Saratoga County

“In order to strengthen and grow our economy, it is essential that steps be taken to support and encourage our existing businesses. The Partnership’s initiative will help retain these vital contributors to the region, and help foster their growth, expansion and success.”

Senator Hugh T. Farley

“The Prosperity Partnership’s Business First Saratoga initiative will be the first of its kind in the capital region, and will continue to put Saratoga County at the forefront of desirable places for companies to do business in New York State.”

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner

“The goal as Mayor of Saratoga Springs is to identify and solve problems. It is imperative the city government include and partner with the private sector to build a successful, sustainable economy. Much of our pro-active economic development efforts rely on listening to and responding to small business needs. The Business First Saratoga initiative, spearheaded by the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, shares our approach and is critical in our city’s long-range planning.”

Mayor Joanne Yepsen, Saratoga Springs

“While my business enables me to travel all over the globe for clients, I’m proud to say our headquarters is right here in Saratoga County. Business First Saratoga is a proof point that the Partnership and our chambers understand that listening to and assisting existing businesses like mine is essential to keeping Saratoga County viable. It is well worth a business owner’s time to sit down and speak with someone from Business First Saratoga.”

Nathalie Whitton, President, Site Solutions Worldwide

“Business First Saratoga raises the bar for our market area by helping to make our companies agile, adaptive and able to compete locally and globally. We’re pleased to see the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership’s Business First Saratoga initiative come to fruition.”

Arthur "Mo" Wright, Chairman, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors

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